White Florida nationalist accused of harassing wife via children


Augustus Invictus in his Tuesday morning pic

Orange County Sheriff’s Office

White nationalist from Orlando, believed to be in jail in South Carolina but for the coronavirus pandemic, was arrested in Orange County on a charge of aggravated stalking early Tuesday.

An arrest warrant announces the birth of Augustus Sol Invictus Austin Gillespie, has contacted his ex-wife in Orange County daily since her release on March 27 in South Carolina. This is a violation of the Invictus link.

South Carolina prosecutors will file on Thursday to revoke the 36-year-old’s bail and bring him back to the state where he is accused of domestic violence against her.

Depending on his accommodation in the Orange County Jail, Invictus could have organized a father-son picnic in the jail on Tuesday with his father, lawyer John Gillespie. Gillespie was arrested on Saturday on the charges of human trafficking and racketeering. He is accused of trafficking girls and running a prostitution ring outside his home in Melbourne.

Law enforcement said Gillespie was arrested on his way to Orange County to meet a 16-year-old girl. He had already met the girl at his home, according to a criminal complaint, and they agreed he would bring her into adult webcams and prostitution. The Saturday reunion was a simple matter – he planned to pay $ 100 for sex in his hotel room.

Some time after Gillespie arrived at the Hilton Garden Inn, but before being handcuffed, Gillespie learned that the “16 year old” was a bit older and an undercover cop.

John Gillespie equipped.jpeg
John Gillespie when booking Saturday Orange County Sheriff’s Office

Invictus’ previous notoriety made headlines at the tragic Unite the Right Charlottesville rally in August 2017, where Heather Heyer was run over and killed by James Alex Fields in her car.

Invictus also ran for the Florida Senate in 2016 as a candidate for the Libertarian Party. After Invictus was routed in the Libertarian primary by Paul Stanton, he quit the party the following year.

augustus invictus Florida Bar.jpg
Augustus Sol Invictus (formerly Austin Gillespie) in his Florida Bar photo. The Florida Bar

These days he is the editor of The Revolutionary Conservative. And, for most of 2020, a resident of the Florida and South Carolina corrections systems.

Invictus was arrested in Brevard County on December 30, on a South Carolina warrant. His wife accused him of suffocating her and putting a gun to her head while they were in Rock Hill, South Carolina on December 12.

Stuck in South Carolina jail after being denied bail, Invictus had a bizarre break-up with the COVID-19 pandemic. As reported by the Rock Hill Herald, its public defenders have successfully argued that between the pandemic that is blocking court cases and possibly spreading in prison, Invictus should be released. He posted a $ 10,000 bond and was released on March 27.

His ex-wife, according to Tuesday’s arrest warrant, told an Orange County sheriff’s deputy “that he had made daily contact with her and demanded to see their children.”

She said he uses several different phone numbers, most often his children’s phone numbers from a previous relationship. On Monday, she said, he texted one of their daughter’s phones telling her his ex-wife had better take the kids to a park “if not.”

“In all (Invictus’ wife) estimates that Augustus contacted her more than 20 times through their daughter in an attempt to harass or intimidate her since being released from prison.”

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