What KSAT viewers splurged on during the pandemic

As we start to get back to our pre-pandemic lives, we wanted to know what kinds of things KSAT viewers were buying while they were at home during quarantine. The answers ranged from cheap to purchases worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Below are 30 social media responses, but we still want to hear from you! Let us know in the comments what you bought and what you think about it now. Create a free KSAT.com account here.

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We now have a puzzle obsession. In the past year, we’ve gotten at least 2 Thousand Coin Riddles per month. Even though we are no longer really stuck, we continue to buy puzzles. It’s gratifying to complete each of them, & amp; cheaper than therapy!

shootertim on Instagram

Peloton, a bunch of sweaters and drinks not suitable for children with a cellar to store them

Rebecca L. Salinas on Twitter

An above ground pool during the winter months when they were all on sale and back in stock. The children played there every day when it was hot and weather permitting. A great investment!

Rachel Di Pace on Facebook

Races! Eating out is our “bad habit” and the pandemic has caused us to eat more at home. Even though we ate a lot in the restaurant, I love to cook and fell in love with it again.

Terri on Twitter

TikTok Leggings 😂😂

destinyyrenee_barber on Instagram

I got a water dispenser because EVERY case of bottled water ran out. Best buy ever. No more wasted plastic in my trash AND there is a coffee dispenser, so it was a win-win!

DemocraTX on Twitter

A generator !!! I want to be ready in case we lose power again. It will power my whole house. 😍 I even bought a small tent for all the rain we had.

garrdeannofmygalaxy on Instagram

Conveyor belt. And tons and tons of margaritas to take away

bdlg_020507 on Instagram

I paid my car (payment and insurance) before a total of 6 months, a new laptop for the classroom and a PS5

Steven Alexander Williams on Facebook

New house 🏡 and new furniture 🙌🙏

ivonne_castillo70 on Instagram

Roller skates for me, my daughter and my granddaughter.

charles_and_janie1994 on Instagram

I bought some of the main materials to start my bling t-shirt business.

thehumblepilgrim377 on Instagram

Inflatable pool.

Janet Santellan Ramon on Twitter

I bought my Peloton 1 month before closing and I am so glad I did.

My pandemic purchase was a Cricut machine.

Tomara Leigh Calloway on Facebook

Money saved … helped my daughter get a car and paid her school fees!

mextex1954 on Instagram

I bought almost every scrapbook paper collection that came out last year because there was nothing else to spend my money on.

Pam Allen Sohan on Facebook

New car, new bike, new furniture, expensive bottles of wine … I was out of control 😭

andro_aguirre on Instagram

New grass for patio and garden set. It makes me smile to have weed

sheilamontoya82 on Instagram

A 1980 Coupe De Ville. I needed something interesting to drive and work on.

Bill Stoneberg on Facebook

Outdoor screen and projector 📽 !!

saphirsanantonio on Instagram

Nintendo Switch & amp; a leather sectional which cost me 5K, not much

Rose on Twitter

Drinkworks home bar by Keurig. It was awesome and it saved the day during this pandemic. Now that everything opens up, it’s still awesome! I love it.

Marisa Urrutia on Facebook

$ 600 dyson vacuum. Oversized V11. I don’t regret it, I use it every day and love how clean it is: D

bisquickks on Instagram

When the lockdown started, I bought a Le Creuset 8 ″ non-stick skillet and taught myself how to make classic French omelets.

I was so happy with the results that I bought the 11 inch one.

I then taught myself how to cook various egg dishes such as foo young eggs, stovetop fritatta etc.

Currently trying to master “tornado omelets”.

Monica Salyer on Facebook

A hedgehog lol

Elise Garcia on Facebook

I bought an apartment – AirPods – Tory Burch – clothes – trip to Florida – & amp; a lot of donations

milaa_carolinaa on Instagram

Ninja coffee maker! To compensate for not having coffee 🙂

sarahmcconnell74 on Instagram

A stationary bike

New sofas

New floors

I painted my cabinets

New entrance table

New buffet for the dining room

More shelves

Also built a terrace

Victoria Anguiano on Facebook

A puppy 🐶

Sam Strong on Facebook

Toilet paper … before everyone buys everything 🤦‍♀️

Dee Diaz on Facebook

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