Rachel DiDonato of Green wins first teeing event at Raintree Golf Course

GREEN – It was not a day for the faint of heart at Raintree Golf Course.

The summer sun was beating down on the relatively open course as a thick, quivering mist hung in the air. Small gusts of wind were distant and rare as the sweltering heat sent golfers scurrying under umbrellas at round glass tables on the patio after the game was over.

All of them managed to survive. We really managed to prosper. Recent Green High School graduate Rachel DiDonato beat the heat and the biggest summer field to win the 16-18 girls age group with a 77 to a Canton Junior Golf Tour’s first tee event on Monday.

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“It was super hot on the course today,” said DiDonato. “The key for me was just to try and find a way to stay cool and calm. I’m really happy with the way things went today.”

The victory was a much needed confidence booster for DiDonato, who recently started playing summer events.

“It was a long winter,” she said. “It was sort of getting rid of the rust. It wasn’t going well for me until today.… It’s something I can rely on.”

DiDonato is gearing up for her first season in Northern Kentucky after shining for Green for the past four years.

The recruiting process was not without challenges. The coronavirus pandemic made choosing a school particularly difficult for her.

“It made it very difficult,” said DiDonato. “Everything we did had to be done on the web and over the phone. I only met the coach and toured the campus last month. Everyone made me feel really at home and I know that I made the right decision. “

DiDonato strives for a successful debut in Northern Kentucky.

“My goal right now is just to play a few more rounds,” said DiDonato. “I want to get to a point where I’m consistently top of the table in these summer tournaments.”


Today’s round belonged to Raffaele Scassa, Jackson’s eighth grader. Scassa had four birdies and an eagle in an under-71 shot. Scassa won the 13-15 boys’ division by eight strokes.

“Everything was working for me today,” said Scassa. “I was able to do a lot of greens in regulation, and when you do that you have a chance to post a low score. I was putting my putts as well.”

Scassa reached hole n ° 2 by 5.

“I just had a great day,” said Scassa. “I was happy to go out and have that kind of performance.”


For the second consecutive week, the other two age groups of the girls were from the Hutzler family.

Hoover College student Ellie Hutzler won the 13-15 girls age group with a score of 81. Hutzler won the age group by an impressive nine strokes.

“It was hot, but I felt I played pretty well,” Hutzler said. “I had two tough holes, but that was it. I didn’t let that get me down.”

Hutzler wasn’t particularly concerned with what his final score would be.

“The goal is to always do my best,” Hutzler said. “Whatever my final score, that’s what it is. That I do my best is what’s important. Having said that, it really feels good to win two weeks in a row.”

Her younger sister, Frankie Hutzler, won the girls 10 to 12 age group with a 48. Players in the 10 to 12 age group only play nine holes.


Jack Mayle plays the green in the boys 16-18 division of The First Tee in Raintree on Monday, June 28, 2021 (Bob Rossiter / Repository)

No age group has experienced the conditions more than boys aged 16 to 18. Louisville second year Jack mayle survived to win with an 89. A look at Mayle then told the story.

“It was tough,” Mayle said. “I’m completely exhausted right now. I felt like I was really rusty and between that and the heat, that made it all difficult. I don’t think I ever had to push so hard to complete a lap like I did it today. “

This push paid off with a victory.

“I’ll take what I can get under circumstances like this,” Mayle said. “It was one of those days when it felt good to survive. It feels good to get out of this after everything I’ve been through today.”


Eddie Karam won the boys age group 10-12 with a 39.

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Canton Junior Tour’s first tee

Raintree Golf Course, Par 72


10-12 1, Eddie Karam 39; 2, Noah Ickes 48; 3, Anthony Gambone 48; 4, Andrew Pucky 52; 5, (tie) Miles Yoder, Griffin Belden 54; 7, Louka Potashnik 55; 8, Fritz Houston II 56; 9, Vance Vargas 58; 10, Brock Shocklee 59

13-15 1, Raffaele Scassa 71; 2, David Gambone 79; 3, Evan Jordanides 85; 4, (tied) Evan Raymond, Tyler DeRoy 89; 6, Mason Campbell 92; 7, (tie) James Yoder, Seth Anderson, Matthew Kittle 97; 10, Antoine Capobianco 103; 11, Anthony Swigert 120.

16-18 1, Jack Mayle 89; 2, Greg Campbell 91; 3, Connor Battershell 92; 4, Arjun Bhatia 93; 5, Nathan Varner 94; 6, Andrew Arway 97; 7, Brennan Nicola 98; 8, (tie) Colin Whitmer, Braeden Whating 100; 10, Blake Howard 101; 11, Charlie Nicola 125


10-12 1, Frankie Hutzler 48; 2, remark of Gia 59; 3, Lea Dang 62; 4, Ava Potashnik 62; 5, Elizabeth King 66; 6, Kaelyn Harper 74

13-15 1, Ellie Hutzler 81; 2, Ava Kemp 90; 3, Kyle Porter 91; 4, Lauren Brown 93; 5, Audrey Nichols 94; 6, Carrie Schorsten 97; 7, Sophia Radosevic 100; 8, (tie) Olivia Pfannerschmidt 103; 10, Sydney Shocklee 103; 11, Peyfan Biery 109; 12, Evanne 114 mast; 13, Francesca Hathaway 127

16-18 1, Rachel DiDonato 77; 2, Mattie Muckleroy 81; 3 Campbell Young 83; 4, (tie) Erin Strouse 84, Hannah Higgins 84; 6, Abby Blackburn 85; 7, (tied) Emily Liptak, Maria Warner 88; 9, Katelyn Potashnik 90; 10, thanks May 91; 11, Abby Davis 92; 12, Lauren Petro 96; 13, Amanda Fedor 97; 14, Ava Wadley 102; 15, Camille Leporis 106; 16, Stasia Wells 112; 17, Brooklyn Moraghan 130.

To note: The 10-12 division plays nine holes.

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