Painted Wall Puzzle Locations Genshin Impact Wind Blessed Harpastum

Currently there are exactly 15 Painted Wall Puzzle locations in Genshin Impact and you can solve them using your trusty Blessed Wind Harpastum. These involve a fun little mini-game. However, this mini-game may require a bit of skill to solve, and the locations of these painted wall puzzles are scattered throughout the Golden Apple Archipelago. To help you find all 15 of them, we’ve put together this Painted Wall Puzzle Locations Genshin Impact Wind Blessed Harpastum guide. He will not only show you where these can be found, but also teach you how to use the Blessed Wind Harpastum in order to resolve them.

How to use the Blessed Harpastum

We have an article entirely devoted to using Windblessed Harpastum, and you can read it here. Basically, the Harpastum is a gadget that has several uses in the Golden Apple Archipelago. It’s needed for solving the Spinning Ring puzzles, and you’ll also need it for solving the Painted Walls puzzles, including King Dodo’s Painted Walls challenge. When you encounter one of these puzzles, the first thing to do is to equip your Harpastum. Since this is a gadget, it can be found in your Gadget tab.

Then enter the bright square just in front of the painted wall. Take out the harpastum, aim it at the painted wall and release it. The object of this mini-game is to bounce the ball off the wall several times until it breaks. You need to time your attack so that you hit the Harpastum at the exact moment. Otherwise, you will miss it. This mini-game takes some getting used to. Luckily, there are 15 places you can practice until you get the hang of it. More painted walls will likely be added in the near future.

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