How to solve cable puzzles

Puzzles in Biomutant are a widely used game mechanic, and cable puzzles tend to be the most complicated of the bunch.

That doesn’t mean players can’t master the cable puzzles, however, and once the secret is discovered, all it takes is a bit of addition, subtraction, and pairing to move forward.

The idea behind Cable Puzzles in Biomutant is to connect cables in a terminal that match the value of the letter. Matching the right cables to the values ​​will complete the puzzle, but it’s not that simple and it may take a few tries for players to get used to. Cable puzzles are the most difficult puzzles in Biomutant for a reason, and players will still only have a certain number of moves to complete the puzzle.

The steps to complete a cable puzzle in Biomutant

When players start a cable puzzle, there is a section of the terminal that needs to be looked at first. At the bottom of the box there will be two rows containing letters. The top row will have a set of letters that are highlighted in green when players connect the correct sequence of letters. The bottom row will have a set of gray letters and this is the row that players should copy.

In rows, the letters can vary between X, Y, and Z. Easier puzzles will only have X letters to deal with, but later Cable puzzles will have all three. Players will basically have to match the two rows of letters in the terminal using cables and a limited number of moves.

On the terminal itself, there are squares in a grid that can connect a cable, and most of them will have a letter value attached to them. If one square has an X and a second square has an X, players can wire the two together to add XX to the green row. However, not all squares will just have an X on top.

Many of the Cable Puzzle squares will also have an X at the bottom, which means that if a cable is connected, an X will be removed from the green row. Sometimes players need these squares to match the entire sequence. The right combination of squares and cables on the Cable Puzzle will complete the puzzle and players will be able to advance in Biomutant.

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