Get new puzzles, Guess Who games and cute Rubik’s cubes every three months with a Journey of Something membership

Australia has no shortage of fun subscription services – and now the fun Australian puzzle company Journey of Something is joining the pack.

Founded by friends Nicola Caras and Lauren Seeman, the company started with a mission to create beautiful puzzles with fun illustrations, stunning photographs and pastel-hued designs – before branching out into other gift products, such as diamond art kits, cute Rubik’s cubes, Guess Who inspired games and more.

With its new quarterly subscription service, you can get two of the puzzles, kits or games every three months, so you don’t run out of things to do at home.

Diamond art – or what Journey of Something calls its sparkling art kits – involves gluing colorful jewelry onto a pattern, similar to paint by numbers, but with more of a mosaic effect. And rather than using the same old solid colors, the art cubes feature beautiful artwork and artwork on either side – you twist and twist them like a Rubik’s cube to complete each piece.

As for the Guess Who games, there’s Guess the Politician with Jacinda Ardern, Nelson Mandela, Donald Trump and Arnold Schwarzenegger (yes, really), as well as a version with Mozart, Freddie Mercury, Amy Winehouse, John Lennon and Whitney. Houston called out Guess the Musician – both featuring pretty artwork rather than boring photos.

Then, of course, there are the puzzles: 1000-piece narcotics nice enough to frame (and Journey of Something sells frames for them), nostalgic 500-piece scrapers, and even 42-piece sets to warm you up. up.

The subscription sends you two new products each quarter, with a total of $ 350 in products by the end of the year. It costs $ 70 per quarter or $ 280 for the year in advance. If you already own a number of Journey of Something products, the team will do their best to accommodate requests and make sure you don’t repeat.

And if you are only interested in puzzles, there is a separate subscription service that will send you a new puzzle of 1000 pieces every month for one year.

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